Semi-Private (Group) Classes

Why Train in a Semi-Private (Group) Class?

In Lay It Down’s Semi-Private (Group) Aerobics and Strength Training classes, you have 1-Coach/Instructor leading a group of motivated individuals to a healthier and fit lifestyle. In the power of numbers, more things get done quicker. You might ask yourself, ‘Why is a Semi-Private Training Session so important to me as an individual?’

  1. Accountability: YOU to your Coach/Instructor. YOU to your Peers. Once you start sweating together while building a bond with your fellow training partners, you will not want to miss any training sessions during the week. As you and your training partners increase your physical fitness level, you will encourage each other to reach your full physical fitness potential by showing up every day ready to put the work in.
  2. Cost Savings: Semi-Private (Group) Training is more affordability to the average person. Normal 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions cost on average $40 – $75 per 30-Minutes session, depending on the area of the country you are in. If you paid for 3 training sessions per week at $40 a session, that equals $120 per week. Most people cannot find it in their budgets to hire a Personal Trainer for a 1-on-1 session. With Semi-Private Training sessions, your cost savings could be in the upwards of 65-95% per session.
  3. Community: when two or more come together in agreement with one goal in mind (getting fit for life), THERE IS POWER. Your Semi-Private Group of individuals might have different levels or degrees of that goal you are striving for, but it all boils down to how we can help each other reach those goals together. Within your Group, under the guidance of your Coach/Instructor, you will train harder for each other in order to build yourself up and to build a stronger community.